Ugo and Serena

Project Description


The adventures of Ugo and Serena is the story of the friendship between a child and a magical whale. Serena is a lost whale seeking her sea. Ugo is a curious child eager to discover new things. When Ugo has to solve a situation in his everyday life, Serena appears to help him, either under the bed, in the closet, or in the bathtub. She can swim, fly, get small and be huge. In each episode they embark on a journey to a fantastic world where extraordinary events happen that allow them to meet new friends and live fun and exciting adventures.


13 episodes of 7 minutes

Company Producer:

El Perro en la Luna

General Director:

Sebastián Mignogna – Silvina Szejnblum


Ángeles Cornejo

Executive Production:

Telma Martin – Gabriel Siperman

Project Details