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¿What we do?

Distribution, Alliances and Fundraising for coproductions and Media Consulting. We create connections and alliances between independent producers, channels and platforms in Latin America and Europe, especially; in the genres of Documentary and Animation.

Preciosa Media believes in audiovisual projects with social perspective, educational values and highly entertaining; original, with a creative and enriching point of view. We connect people, projects and content!

Meet the Team


Claudia Rodríguez Valencia


Bachelor of Science in Communication with emphasis on Educational Communication, with professional studies in television, film, script and editing in Colombia and Italy.

Her specialization is the design and development of audiovisual projects, as well as the acquisition and sale of audiovisual content internationally. She has worked in the selection of projects and as jury of markets, festivals and national funds worldwide. Claudia has about 10 years of experience in international relations and content distribution, mainly in documentary and animation. She also advises projects in the area of distribution, financing, co-production and internationalization, conducts workshops worldwide in these areas, in addition to coordinating the AFROLATAM Documentary Laboratories (Miradas Doc, Tenerife, Spain); and the Valencia Platform (DOCsValencia, Spain) and she’s part of the team of international tutors of the INCAA Documentary Incubator (Argentina).


María Teresa Osorio

Executive Producer

Bachelor in Arts, Bachelor in Film and Television, Master in Visual  Arts, with 20 years of experience in television production management, artistic production, animation development and production -series and feature films- and children's series development (finalist from Japan Prize 2013 and 2016 in the TV Proposal category).

For 10 years she was a teacher in Film and Television in public and private universities, where she attended administrative functions and the coordination of Production Centers. In television public channels has work as Executive Producer and support for the Programming through selection and acquisition. In parallel and through independent publications, she has worked on trend scouting, media analysis, press publishing and social media. María Teresa coordinated the MICSUR 2016 Business Roundtable and has worked as a General Producer in several Colombian public channels.