If you are a producer or director, you can count on us to:

  • Represent and distribute your documentary, documentary series or animation series internationally; in development or finished.
  • Look out for international financing for your project in development (documentary, documentary series or animation series).
  • Receive personalized advice for the festival, marketing and distribution route.
  • Receive personalized advice for the development of your project.

If you are a channel or institution, you can count on us to:

  • Acquire contents from our portfolio and from our international partners.
  • Receive advice on the curatorship and acquisitions of audiovisual material for your channel, platform or educational project.
  • Receive advice for the internationalization of your channel or platform; cataloging your content for international sales, exchange and festival route.
  • Create and coordinate international production teams to carry on your documentary project, documentary series or animation series.
  • Conduct specialized training and workshops in the areas of research, script, production, distribution, marketing and production thanks to our consulting team.

What's the next step

Preciosa Media believes in audiovisual projects with social perspective, educational values and highly entertaining; original, with a creative and enriching point of view. We connect people, projects and content!