I am Cris from Tierra Bomba

Project Description


It will execute the order exclusively, except theatrical window, in Latin America and not exclusively in the rest of the world.


Cristian, an Afro-Colombian millennial from the Caribbean island of Tierra Bomba, has long dreamed of being an actor. But one day he realizes that what he really wants is the opposite – not to play a role, but to be himself. For 7 years, I, Josephine, with my camera, accompany Cristian in this self-discovery. I understand that our world punishes those who are outside of a supposed ‘norm’. Cris finally decides that all she has to do is fly – with her black wings



86 minutes


Josephine Landertinger Forero

Co-producer and Animator:

Manuel Barrios


Gabriel Baudet

Original Music:

Nicolás Muñóz

Festivals and Awards:

  • Premiered in Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (2023)

Project Details