Eyes Wide Open

Project Description


Exclusively in Latin America and not exclusively in the rest of the world


Mica has a recurring dream that does not let her get out of bed. Mateo, who’s in love with her, thinks the dream is a good idea for a short horror film. Brian needs to pass Biology to stay in the same class as his friends and Ana meets Igor in the Carnival Parade, a young clown that invites her to do magic. Together, with the help of uncle Pepe, teacher Magaly, their families, and their families and friends will face their nightmares, fears, and mysteries to transform them into scripts and learn how to do short movies together.

Cloba is a series that combines traditional entertainment with didactic tools and educational components on audiovisual creation, promoting this language and its creation with domestic and easily accessible resources.


Season 1 – 4 chapters

Season 2 – 6 chapters

Season 3 – 6 chapters

Production Company:

Montelona y Taa

Direction and Script:

Caro Deveras


Isabel García, Pancho Magnou, Caro Deveras

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