Project Description


Lina feels her body gets tired when she is sad. Josemaría gets cold from fear when she loses her parents. Juan Manuel turns red when he gets angry and locks himself in his room to take a deep breath to feel better. Karol is very ashamed if the shower curtain is drawn while she bathes… and if Camila is happy…Start to run! And you? What do you feel? What makes you feel that way? Will anyone feel like you?

Emoticons is a series of micro documentaries in which children like Josemaría, Lina or Camila invite us to enter their world as it is, and to live through stories, where they and their families are the protagonists, the adventure of feeling, identify and name the emotions they experience each day. Each emoticon chapter motivates children from 3 to 6 years to explore


26 episodes of 6 minutes

Production Company:

Guoqui Toqui SAS


María Cristina López and Carolina Montes.

Festivals and Awards:

Winner of the call of the Communications Directorate of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia to coproduce projects to promote reading-writing 2015.

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