Camilo’s Trail

Project Description


A documentary that narrates the stories and memories hidden in a series of unpublished personal and historical archives of Father Camilo Torres Restrepo, an outstanding revolutionary from Colombia in the 1960s, discovered in the last seven years, and what they reveal about the character and Colombia 50 years after his death. At the same time, he inquires about the whereabouts of his disappeared body, hidden by the military after his death in combat as a member of the ELN subversive group in 1966. We will see how their interpretation of the Gospels becomes an ethical proposal that serves as a starting point for the movement of Liberation Theology, beyond the use of weapons.


54 Minutes

Producer Company:

Cuiba Films, Laberinto Producciones, RTVC Señal Colombia y Les films grain de sable.


Diego Briceño Orduz


Diana M. Camargo Buriticá y Diego Briceño Orduz

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