Don’t Stop

Project Description


The most difficult course; the greatest challenge. Portrait of a group of teenagers from a public institute in the district of Raval, in the Mediterranean and multicultural Barcelona. Like the neighborhood itself, they make up a mosaic of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Tajin (Bengali), Marese (Filipino), Miquel (Spanish) and Jessica (Colombian) have before them the most intense course of their lives, with the dreaded university entrance exams on the horizon… and the maximum pressure to reach the future that their families dream for them. However, over a year, life goes round and round, especially when you’re 17. Don’t Stop is a creative documentary that uses fiction techniques to explain this year full of difficulties, efforts and hopes.


71 Minutos

Producer Company:

Camille Zonca


Aïda Torrent


Camille Zonca, en coproducción con Televisió de Catalunya

Festivals and Awards:

– When East Meets West — Italia, 2016.

– Festival REC Tarragona – España, 2015.

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