Project Description




Yilmar González is a young Afro-descendant, boxer and gardener from the Siloé cemetery, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Latin America, in Cali, Colombia. His life takes place in the midst of contrasts: on the one hand he trains to win the National Boxing Championship that represents his dreams and the hopes of a community that fights against violence and government abandonment; on the other, the cemetery and the neighborhood that represent the happiness of a life without luxuries and where we discover Yilmar’s environment: his alcoholic mother, his friends who live on the edge of crime and his girlfriend Eliana, who is also a boxer and the  mother of his two children.

The big fight is drawing near, Yilmar is very close to changing his destiny. He does not fear pain or death, but he does fear defeat and oblivion.

Yilmar’s story is that of a man who decides to fight for his future and that of his community, regardless of his happiness.


71 minutes

Executive Production:

Maria Paula Hernández, Nicolás Herreño, Natalia Agudelo.


José Varón


Camilo Monsalve


Juan Sebastián Quebrada

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