La Tonga: Live Music

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La Tonga is a journey through the musical wealth and culture of Latin America. It is a search for sounds, from the traditional to the experimental, that create the identity of our continent. Two seasons in which bands from many countries have participated, such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, among others.

The series works as a musical documentary, where in each episode 4 bands of different genres and nationalities participate. Each band performs one of their songs, which are performed in places chosen by each artist. The interviews between each song articulate the structure of each chapter and allow us to know about each artist´s aspects that define their identity and their vision of their profession.

La Tonga seeks to position itself as the only Latin American project of this format that offers a different way of discovering, sharing and enjoying music.



26 x 24″

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Spanish / English / Portuguese

Festivals and Awards:

  • Mejor Serie Documental Musical / Premios TAL 2019
  • Mejor Serie Documental Musical / Premios TAL 2022
  • Ganador Mercado Co-producción Señal Colombia 2017
  • Ganador Mercado Co-producción Señal Colombia 2020
  • Bam Projects 2021


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