When Colombia became Macondo

Project Description


From the narrative of the history of preparations, obstacles, travel and presentation of the Colombian artistic delegation, which travelled to Stockholm to commemorate the Nobel Prize for Literature of Gabriel García Márquez, This documentary shows how, at that time, disregarded Colombian folk music was dressed up in a gala in Stockholm. This is how some of the pioneers of national folklore, such as “La negra grande de Colombia” and “Totó La Momposina”, we went on a journey through the vericuets of memory and folkloric expressions of the main regions of the country until returning to Stockholm. The main thread of this trip is the anthropologist Gloria Triana, who selected the sample that was presented in Sweden that winter of 82 and who returns again to undertake the journey now, with the purpose of rescuing from oblivion what happened. This is how the film weaves the images of the memory of that moment, with the situations of today and with the links of the work García Marquiana with the musics and artists that accompanied him in his great moment.


90 Minutes


Gloria Triana y Alvaro Perea

Producers Companies:

Dramax, RTVC – Señal Colombia, Bright Pictures – Suecia.

Photography Director:

Gonzalo Perea


Gabriel Baudet

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