The Bolivian Case

Project Description


In Bolivia three Norwegian teenagers are arrested with 22 kilograms of cocaine in their luggage. Sent to jail, the beautiful girls appear immediately in the tabloids of their country. But while they are all charged with the same crime, media images begin to shape very different defense strategies. The Bolivian Case is a sensational criminal complaint that sheds light on the growing malleability of modern crime and punishment. With an agile narrative that goes between reality, documentary and journalistic coverage, The Bolivian Case is a documentary directed at millenials that explores the power of the media and prejudices in today’s world.


52 y 80 minutos

Producer Company:

United Notions Film y RTVC Señal Colombia.


Violeta Ayala


Violeta Ayala

Photography Director:

Dan Fallshaw


Simon Walbrook

Festivals and Awards:

– Audience Award Winner, Sydney Film Festival – Australia, 2015.

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