Project Description


This is a story about the burden of family inheritance. It begins when María José in exile in Barcelona, finds a letter written to her by her father 30 years ago. She realizes that no matter how far she runs, she can’t escape her ghost. Carlos Pizarro is an iconic figure of the war in Colombia, commander of the M-19 guerrilla group, killed in mysterious circumstances after having signed a successful peace treaty with the Colombian government. Twenty years after her murder, she is ready to return to her country to discover a forgotten chapter in the history of the country silenced by violence and fear.


52 and 82 minutes.

Production Company:

La Popular and RTVC Señal Colombia


Simón Hernández


Christian Bitar


María José Pizarro

Director of Photography:

Alejandro Bernal

Festivals and Awards:

– Festival Internacional de Cine de Huelva – United Kingdom, 2016.

– India Catalina FICCI Award – Colombia, 2016.

Project Details