Old Folks’ Tales

Project Description


Listen to the voices of grandparents from all over the world.

Listening to our old ones is the primitive way of knowing our history.

To rescue the orality between old and young people is to rescue individual and collective identity.

They tell stories of when they were children. They are anecdotes of solidarity, games, friendship, fears, dreams, solitude, adventures, innocence, separation … framed in contexts historically conflictive or relevant.


40 episodios x 5’ + 3 especiales


M. Dematei, A. Ferrer, L. Piaggio y Carlos Smith.


Carlos Smith, Marcelo Dematei.


Carlos Smith.

Festivals and Awards:

Premio TAL de la Red de TV pública y cultural latinoamericana a la Mejor Producción Interactiva – Uruguay, 2016.

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