Nueva Venecia

Project Description


Between the sky and the water the small village of New Venice floats before the pain and memories and the massacre. As a symbol of Resistance, the community gathers to regain its only meeting place: the football field.

“New Venice”: a story of dreams, falls and starting over. “New Venice” is another look at the armed conflict that Colombia has experienced for years. It is the look of what happens next, of how a community resurfaces and of the challenges it faces from everyday life. was a successful Op Doc, released in Now in its longer version, it explores in a deeper and more fun way the meanings of being single in this moment of the world.


54 minutes (tv version), 80 minutes (theater version)


Emiliano Mazza de Luca


Martha Orozco

Director of Photography:

Ricardo Restrepo


Systema Solar


Isabel Torres

Festivals and Awards:

– Nominado Premio India Catalina – Colombia, 2015

– Winner of the best documentary at the Biarritz Festival in Latin America 2016.

Project Details