Project Description


Traveling through Latin America, Miguelito explores the myth of an eleven year old Puerto Rican salsa singer who in 1973 was discovered by legendary record producer Harvey Averne, Miguelito recorded the album Canto a Borinquen and played at Madison Square Garden in front of twenty thousand people and then mysteriously disappeared. Told by followers, fans, and great connoisseurs and lovers of his music, this film traces the inexplicable disappearance of Miguelito and the rediscovery of his life, his music and the world in which he lived decades later. With performances by La Sonora Poncena by Papo Lucca, Nelson Feliciano, Máximo Torres, Malo Malo and many others, this is a film that celebrates the musical and cultural depth of the Caribbean, as well as revealing the history of a forgotten ‘salsero’, whose album Became a cult classic in a country far from theirs


95 Minutes

Production company:

JOTZ Productions


Sam Zubrycki.


Julia Overton

Festivals and Awards:

– Premiere FICCI 2019

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