Project Description


Andris and Gabriel, two young people from Palenque, the first freed Afro people in Latin America, travel to Africa to fulfill their ancestors’ dream of returning to their land. Arriving in Senegal, Andris is deported to Colombia. Gabriel is only in a world farther away than he had thought. Is it really possible to make dreams come true?

A look at what it means to be Afro, when you are born and live in Latin America.


70 Minutes

Producer Company:

Making Docs, Librecine e Impluvium


Diana Kuéllar


Gabriel Szollosy

Original Music:

Afro Neto Ri Palenge and Juan Sebastian Prieto

Festivals and Awards:

– Research fellowship Universidad del Valle – Colombia.

– Encouragement for the production of documentary films by FDC – Colombia.

Project Details