Las mil mujeres

Project Description


The starting point of Las Mil Mujeres was an interactive proposal: feminist artists, selected through an open online call, were asked to create an artistic project inspired by the stories of other women. Following the four artists chosen, Ana Luisa Santos (Brazil), Bia Ferreira (Brazil), Florence Duran (Uruguay) and Lena Chen (U.S.), the film reflects activism and gender identity through its creative process. By bringing together women from different backgrounds, with different perspectives and unique work, the film offers a multifaceted and evolving perspective on art, activism and gender identity. By following the artists when they are at the center of their creative process, the documentary shows how women express themselves, where they find inspiration and how they connect the outside world with their inner life to create significant works of art.


84 Minutos

Producer Company:

Daza Filmes


Carol Benjamin


Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal and Rita Toledo

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