Las crónicas elefantiles

Project Description


Las Crónicas Elefantiles is a animated docu-fiction series where kids share their daily experiences, a mix of reality and fantasy in which illustrated characters are animated over live action footage.

Each episode is a new particular story that is developed in its unique scenario. A chronicler, a kid between 6 and 11 years old, builds a short story about different topics: love, life, death, freedom, tradition, and so on. The animation becomes a tool to represent the fantastic and unlimited universe of the children which interacts with the video footage showing the ‘reality’ of the adult world.


26 episodes of 1 minute

Production Company:

RTVC – Señal Colombia, EchandoGlobos (Season 1), AdInfinitum & Co (Season 2) Miguel Otálora, Dinamita Animación


Miguel Otálora


Tatiana Millán (Season 1), Nancy Granada (Season 2)

Festivals and Awards:

– Winner Crea Digital Fund 2014, Mintic – crossmedia Project (Colombia)

– Winner 35 India Catalina Awards 2018 – Best Animated Production (Colombia)

Project Details