Project Description


“Labels” is a series narrated from the LGBTI population that addresses situations that are transversal to society in general, seeking in this way to make a contribution to education minimizing the existing gap in the stereotypes attributed to this population and showing them as a social group facing the same problems as most people can be confronted. These experiences will go through the lives of Nata a Lesbian girl (L), Jeffer a Gay boy (G) Alcides a bisexual young man who seeks his identity (B) Veronica a Trans girl (T) And Jacobo, a boy who finds out that his partner is living with HIV and has kept it from him. Each chapter is approached from the point of view of one of these characters and going through all of them with a narrative in cinematographic language for the web and for television, thus seeking to open up discussions relevant to society in which spaces of inclusion, information, dissemination, and visualization are created.


5 episodes x 30 minutes

Company Producer:



Edwin Restrepo

Festivals and Awards:

– Selected at the BAM (Bogotá Audiovisual Market) 2018

– Nomination TAL Category Best Youth Content 2018

Project Details