Dr. W show

Project Description


Now you are in the realms of magic and fantasy! You are surrounded by the wonders of life and you can ask as many questions as you like! You’re on the Dr. W Show! Are you afraid? Are you tired? Alone? Bored? Have you lost your faith?

Dr. W is here and has something for everyone; No matter if you’re as small as a microbe or as big as the universe, fast as lightning or slow as evolution, you’ll get something incredible! Really surprising!


78 episodes of 4 minutes each one

Company Production:

Mago Production in coproduction with Jaguar Taller Digital, Domo animato, Televisión de Catalunya (TV3) and Signal Colombia.


Muyi Neira and Alejandro López Granados.


Mariana Guevara Aura.

Executive Producer:

Peter Keydel.

Festivals and Awards:

-Fifth Heart of Gold International Film Festival – Australia, 2011.

-Prix Jeunesse International Munich – Germany, 2016.

Project Details