Capoeira, inside the game

Project Description


She (Isabél Zuaa) decides to follow her teacher Jorge Itapuã on a long journey to meet and document Capoeira’s movement in other countries. Together, they cross Europe and pass through Israel, India, the United States, Japan and Indonesia. As Itapuã expresses her ability in Capoeira, she films with her camera every step of that adventure. However, contact with different cultures arouses in her the desire to challenge the teacher. As She leaves behind the cameras, the relationship with her teacher is not the same.


72 Minutos

Producer Company:

Daza Filmes


Jorge Itapuã


Carol Benjamin

Festivals and Awards:

– International New LatinAmerican Film Festival in Havana – Cuba, 2016.

– International Film Festival of São Paulo – Brasil, 2016.

Project Details